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Worldwide distribution trends report for Meta Search Engines Q3 2018

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What's new in Q3?

Bigger and deeper analysis

In this 2nd Edition of our quarterly MSE trends report, we monitored 2.5x more properties and performed 4x more shops, across five leading MSEs globally, compared to Q2. 

New analysis

In this report, we also take a look at how contracted OTA perform on Meta Search compared to non-contracted OTAs, and how that impacts hotel that may not be pursuing a direct strategy.

Comparison with Q2

Find out how hotels and OTAs performance on Meta in Q3 compares to our findings in Q2, including analysis from multiple PoS and hotels based in different regions.

How we gathered the data and created this report

We monitored the top five leading MSE’s daily from 15 PoS, performing nearly 30 million shops, to create this report on the worldwide Meta Search Engine Trends. The data used was collected using our patented visual web-analysis technology. We looked at a sample of 20,000 properties, spread globally over a three month period from April to June 2018 (Q2).
Worldwide distribution trends report for Meta Search Engines Q3


Worldwide Distribution Trends for Meta Search Engines Q3 2018